Hanging Over the Gate

Daisy and I were trimming Iacs’ feet and everyone else came up to watch, and probably tell us we were doing it wrong!

These two are such nosey parkers.

Haakon was keeping his own counsel. He’s not stupid.

Well, actually he is. Nothing good will come of this sniff.  I tried to tell him.

These two are very close.  I guess it is a sister thing.

“Ears back everyone, Mother’s taking a photo” – I honestly don’t know why I bother.

Good old Haakon – ever the weirdo.

The little ducky-wuckies are still with us – for me, this is a record. I feel sorry that they can’t go outside but the bigger birds would pick them off one at a time and that would be a disaster after all our hard work.

OH is working off island for two weeks.  Monster is bereft.

He looks for OH everywhere and is inconsolable – except at breakfast, lunch, tea, before-bed, and snack-time, etc…!

4 thoughts on “Hanging Over the Gate

  1. diane in northern wis

    Your pictures are GREAT Frances, and your comments are hilarious! Poor Monster….thank goodness for mealtimes huh? Did Harrel ever figure out that his mother had not abandoned him? Will the little ducks end up looking like their mother? (she’s not too cute) or something prettier do you suppose?

    1. Frances Post author

      They are pure bred Muscovies (very prehistoric looking). In my mind, they are all beautiful. Full of character too.

  2. Kris

    LOVE the last photo!

    “Sunlight, blue skies, fresh air…and I’m stuck in here.”

    “Hmm…I wonder if I could I fit through that slim opening…”


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