How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is my first year of growing flowers.  I bought (or was kindly given) many ceramic Belfast sinks, filled them up with compost and off I went determined to have some colour this summer in our garden.

Things I have learned – height.  Some plants are taller than others, over-shadow and I have definite successes and failures.

But, overall, I love the colour.

My artichhokes are huge, totally dwarfing everything else. I ended saving the flowering pinks by picking them.  They smell beautiful and remind me of my grandmother.

The tatties, of which I possibly have a cash-crop, are going along nicely.  The strawberry plants have produced a handful of the most delicious strawberries. It took me a while to learn about the function of placing straw around each plant so some rotted before I could save them.  Learning, I am always learning.

Another cash-crop is the ragwort which continues to plague us.  We have nearly cleared this field.  I say that every day and then spend another hour and fill another bag.  We all chip away at this never-ending problem.

Monster is still pining for his “Dad”.

His appetite has not been affected, however. Phew.

Over to Turriefield, this afternoon to pack veg – our Thursday volunteer job.  Now they can grow veg!  Puts my handful of strawberries to shame.

Daisy and I weigh, bag and label.

And then there is the banter!

We always ‘ave a larf!  In my humble opinion that sign behind should read “free to a good home”! (I was dared not to put up this photo so obviously I had to)

3 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Sam

    I am lucky to have bought my gran’s house, already planted up for me! You have lovely color going on.
    As for Monster and OH – either the tummy will demand more food to make up for the loss or not. I bet on demands more…while chuffing away his disappointment of no OH.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I love your flowers Frances, I’d say you’ve done a splendid job growing them! I love all the colors! I also think your veggies look great too. What a sweet pic of Monster….pining for OH. Your growing season seems to be producing great things this year. Good for you!

  3. Deb

    Too bad the ragwort is so pretty. I didn’t realize how much you had to pull. Fantastic pictures as usual. The flowers are enviable, and I agree, great pic of Monster pining away.


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