Hair There Everywhere

Gusty today.  You can tell by the hair – ( I have just noticed that this is not the best camera angle for Hejta – she looks like a heffalump but she is not, truly. She is a working mother).

Anyway, the hair is all over everywhere.

Everyone is doing fine – all packed full of fibre or whatever they need to stoke their central heating boilers to keep them going through this endless Shetland winter.

I love how Hetja is just not going to budge.  Her food has to be brought to her when she feels like it.  I am just the waiter.  That’s my job in winter.

Lilja is a constant sweetheart.  She is becoming the nicest of ladies.

Kind, gentle and easy to work with – a delight to have around.

I am hoping she is teaching all she knows to her little sister, Sóley-the-Foalie.  As siblings, they are very close.

She is watching everything, taking it all in.

I always enjoy visiting Les Grandes Dames.  They are very well organised by Hetja.



4 thoughts on “Hair There Everywhere

  1. Claire

    I would like more information on PainPod 3. Please tell me more or send me to a site with more information. I wonder if this would help unexplained knee and leg pain. Thank you.

      1. Frances Post author

        My pleasure. Without my Painpod, I could not remotely live (and I mean live) the life I have up here in Shetland. My Painpod has been game-changing. I was crippled and living off painkillers while totally wrecking my insides (to the point of anaphylaxis). Now, folk are noticing just how much better I am both mentally and physically. My pain has not gone – I have just learned how to control it.


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