There’s Always One

(Note: These photos were taken on the day last week when the wind didn’t blow a hoolie. Sadly, we cannot remember what that was like anymore.  Today, having finished the morning feed routine in the stable, Floss said “Well, that wasnt too bad” which actually meant “I think we’ve stopped noticing just how awful the weather is”.)

Anywho, the four Icelandic boys – Kappi, Dreki, Taktur and Efstur are a happy little colour matching herd – two blacks and two ginger-ninjas.

It is so important to colour co-ordinate in life.

They do everything together. They think as one unit…..

All except Efstur.  He has to be different.

When they all stand together facing one way, note the bright orange bottom that has turned around.

It’s always Efstur.  I have no idea why. It just is.  He has an independent spirit.  It is not to be encouraged. It only gets him into trouble.

When we call them up from their field in the morning, to lead them into the stable for hay, one is on a headcollar, while the rest are expected to follow. This mostly works. They all know the routine ….. all except Efstur. He over-shoots the stable door, goes for a bijoux wander by himself, realises no one is with him, has a panic attack and then runs in mad circles around the outside of the stable shouting.  Only Efstur.  And so one of us has to go out and talk him down from his ledge of insanity  (*** sigh ***), grab him by his orange chin-hairs and lead him into the stable.  This is becoming the norm now so now we forget about the herd leader dynamics and just lead Efstur in while the others follow.

A little known fact – Efstur and Dreki’s new names are Pinky and the Brain!

3 thoughts on “There’s Always One

  1. Judith

    “Pinky and the brain.” Guffaw! Oh dear. I just woke up my husband. (Being in Seattle US, I read your morning posts right before bed time here.)


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