Had Enough

Not feeling the love. Not feeling the anything this evening. This afternoon, after a perfectly good dog-walk, BeAnne a-buggered off after her bunny rabbitses and I realise is playing me a like a violin.

So here are some nice Icelandic horses who are lovely and well behaved.

Meanwhile, the riding is going well. Klængur goes like a dream and we have, after how ever many years, finally got ourselves together.

I have my riding mojo back. I do not have my dog mojo at all.

(Sorry this is short but you have not had the late afternoon I have had driving up and down, getting the whole family out to shout for her).

Meh! Please send chocolate and/or gin!

9 thoughts on “Had Enough

  1. Sam

    Sorry Her Self took a mini vacation without telling you. But look at the bright side – she felt well enough to do so. And I bet she was totally NOT sorry for all the chaos and running around to find her that you all did. I can feel her smug face all the way to New England.

      1. Kate Woolley.

        So pleased . Thank you for letting me know.. Such mixed feeling, do you beat the daylight out of them or cuddle them until they can’t breathe ! Cuddling is better ❤️

  2. Cathy

    Virtual bucket of gin AND chocolate on its way to you. I too can see her smirking quietly from here. But it’s only because you love her that you got so wound up. Cut her some slack and admire her sense of humour! Thank goodness she is feeling well enough to chase wabbits.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Phew! Pleased she turned up. I can imagine how frantic you must have been, I’m delighted she feels well enough to go bunny hunting. I hope you’ve managed the gin and chocs!


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