Friends Again and Training

Well, we’ve made up and are friends again, so that’s good.  I hate being angry with BeAnne. I feel awful and so does she.

She has also been forgiven by all of us.

Meanwhile back in horse world, Floss and I set out with the horse-van, bowls and visible bribery – aka carrots, chopped.

We easily caught Lilja and Sóley and led them up to their bowls.  Lilja dived straight in.

Sóley of course thought it was all very suspicious.

But she soon realised that Lilja would snaffle her’s if she didn’t get on and eat it.

Note Lilja standing on the ramp unlike her suspicious-Aloysius sister.

And so we put them back into their lush field telling ourselves that we had achieved and ok, it was small steps but an achievement none the less.

Said goodbye and left to see the Minions.

Our day was not over. Sóley, for some reason best known to herself, jumped over into a neighbour’s field and we ended up putting these two back with the Minions.  Grrrrr….. and now I am all cross again.



5 thoughts on “Friends Again and Training

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry, Frances – I’m ashamed to admit that I laughted when I got to the end. Soley is clearly going to keep you on your toes. Maybe she has ambitions to be a show jumper!

  2. Holly

    This reminds me of the time when Vignir (Icelandic) arrived at our big boarding stable. He was turned out in the gelding pasture (after suitable over the fence interactions and introductions). But after a bit, he decided that he’d rather be on the other side of the fence. He didn’t jump the 4′ three rail rubber fence, he jumped the 5′ metal tubular gate. He was put back in the same pasture, and jumped the same gate again. Well, at least he’s athetic, we thought. So he got another turnout area for a few weeks until he appeared more settled, and that time he stayed where he was put. His owner was a bit concerned at first as she’d gotten an Icelandic in particular because she was partially disabled and he was smaller (normal Icelandic size), and in particular had a very mellow personality. He turned out just fine in the long run. She did all sorts of clicker training with him, taught him “tricks”, as well as enjoyed mellow rides about the property. He just didn’t want to stay in that particular field so early on! Silly horse.

  3. Sam

    Sounds like Soley is a party girl who needs a large audience to enthrall. Happy to hear you and BeAnne sorted out her travel schedule.

  4. Linda Loba

    It IS hard being mad at them; A bit of a talking-to and the silent treatment for awhile works for me. I try to to remember they’re following their instincts, and from my experience, when they get feral you’re having to “bring them back” to reality. I’m glad everything is back to normal with BeAnn. (On the bright side, she’s running and chasing instead of lying in her bed not feeling well…)


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