Guess who is back?

Guess who arrived by ferry to Shetland this morning?


Everyone is very pleased to see her and she brought the fine weather with her too.


Zoot is happy, happy, happy.  Anna is her all-time favourite person.

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Lyra was in heaven with her Daisy (as always).


I left everyone hugging, chatting and sitting in the field together….


…. and occupied myself with my camera taking happy snaps.

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So our summer has now officially begun.  Andy and Charlie are looking forward to being ridden, Hammy is going to be trained to do something useful plus the youngsters (Zoot, Carina, Lyra and Gwendolinda) are going to the local show with Daisy and Anna.

Well, that is the plan anyway.


Anna says it feels like she never left.


So smiles all round.

Welcome home (your British home, that is) Anna!


“And now to consume our body weights in Pimms and prawn-cocktail crisps. In true summer style.” – said by Daisy and Anna.  Not me, I am a Cheese and Onion girl!


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