All Quiet on the Westside Front

All is quiet on the western front here at Thordale, well quiet-ish.


Andy, Charlie and Hammy know which way their bread is buttered (we don’t do margarine in this house, ever) and are being nice to The Minions.  I am very pleased with them so it is carrots all round and a huge relief.


I think the threat of Taktur was enough to terrify them into submission.  While we were out riding, Taktur managed to push his way through a gate this afternoon.  He was standing by their fence and, on our return, we could see everyone was very pleased that we quickly removed him.   They are much more of a group now.


Sadly, Taktur’s love remains unrequited so his mood is somewhat difficult.  Still, he does have good manners when the headcollar is on and leads nicely.  Mostly because I am busy reading recipes to him that involve pieces of him if he starts barging.  I hate bargy horses.

Back to the real world.  I went out this afternoon as I see such photographic potential while I am taking Taktur backwards and forwards everyday down the road (4 miles) to Sandness.  I can never stop when I have him tap-dancing in the back of the trailer so I took the car out for a little drive instead.

BN2A7463 BN2A7464 L1100359BN2A7469 BN2A7470 BN2A7480 L1100368BN2A7482 BN2A7488

I particularly like this Shetland ram.  He lives, with his friend, by our gate that leads into the scattald (open hill).  His coat is wonderful.

BN2A7614 BN2A7594

~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~


(see what I did there – geddit?!)

4 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Westside Front

  1. Linda K

    Glad the boys have settled down.

    I know nothing about sheep but that ram looks an impressive specimen. Great insulation. I don’t imagine he suffers too much in the winter.

  2. Terri

    Your photos capture the essence of the Shetlands, kudos!

    Poor Taktur….hope he finds love someday soon.


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