Grappling Grapenuts!

A beautiful sunny day so I opened the gate to let the three little furry mischiefs out. I had decided to work with them a bit.  My back was behaving so I thought I would “run the gauntlet”.


Question: Why does Storm need to climb onto the top of the muck heap?

Answer:  Because he can!


The usual shenanigans involving teethes.  It wouldn’t be normal without them but they love each other and there is no malice so I am not worried.  No bullying.


Waffle was determined to annoy Taktur at any cost.  Taktur is obsessed with the bebbies but they will not meet while they all have their grapenuts (testicles).


I did the usual catching, brushing and leading nicely but this time outside as it was such a hot day.   Jo arrived and offered to pick up their feet to save my back – it is a very long way down to their level.  Then she copped a feel, i.e. was grappling grapenuts, as it is known by those of a certain age.


Nothing on Silver but something soon.


Nope, nothing with Storm for a while.  Ever Peter Pan.


But definitely a yes with Waffle.  Those are coming off pretty pronto, I can tell you. I will wait until we have all three pairs and then t’vet will be booked for a visit.


So my three little boys were good little boys.  There is a huge improvement in their general attitude towards me.  There is trust and wanting to be good.  Silver likes me far more and is amiable about being caught now.  Waffle is very boisterous for obvious reasons and Storm is just plain cheeky.  They all know how to work the system and I know how to make it work for me!


Maybe I am the one with the cajones! 


4 thoughts on “Grappling Grapenuts!

  1. Karen Ashley

    My goodness Frances, Taktur looks SOOOO HANDSOME in that photo and of course the Bebbies look as yummy as usual. Hope your back continues to improve.

  2. Cate

    They’re looking so cute now and haven’t their bums and tums rounded out nicely!—compared to how scrawny they were when you rescued them.

  3. Sam

    You don’t need no grapenuts! Being a wise female is all you need to deal with them Bebbies.
    Well, and some yummy carrots…


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