The Boy come in for his Handsome Prince food, complete with waiting Vacuum (patent pending).

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The “Fat Bottoms” were eating their daily batch of silage that I had put out for them.


This photo just makes me smile – an unlikely couple who get on very well.


While Himself was eating, I went to see what the Bebbies were up to.  Their food from yesterday was spilled and uneaten and I was unimpressed.  That grub is expensive and I hate waste.


My OH (other half) came home, having taken Loki for his walk in our fields.  The bebbies recognise him and, although still suspicious, they came up to talk to him.


I re-distributed the previously uneaten food to see if it was the wind that had blown the bowls over or three small ungrateful colts.  I generously thought it was the wind as they were happy to eat it this time round (and it would be back for breakfast or in sandwiches!)


Suddenly I found myself sitting in their shed by myself so I went outside to be confronted by this scene.


Taktur was holding Court so the bebbies were herded away and I removed his Handsomeness from his minions.


I returned Taktur to his unfinished bowl of food by his chin hairs.  We don’t believe in headcollars today.  He generously finished his grub and then sneaked back to talk to the bebbies but unfortunately for him, I knew he was going to do this and I snuck round the container and grabbed him before he could achieve his goal.  Back into his field he went with the good grace of knowing it was a fair cop!


I do love that boy (actually all my boys).

3 thoughts on “Minions

  1. Celeste

    I can’t tell you how much it brightens my day to read your posts, I feel like I know your critters too, just wish I could snorgle them. And I absolutely adore Taktur.Thank you for your stories and excellent photos!

  2. Linda

    Taktur is SO HANDSOME! And I never get over how small the bebbies are, when I see them with The Prince or with humans…


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