Hot and Smelly

Today I was floored by cleaning my teeth.  Obviously that is something only the strong can achieve so I hauled my sorry arse back to bed and took some valium to recover. FFS. I am very bored of this.  Phone calls on Monday, I think. I can’t go on like this forever.  Happily doing nothing and then crunch, pop and completely decked.

Anywho, a few hours later, I went outside to find the meaning of life which is obviously this little lad and his friends.  Waffle came up for a scratch and a hug but poor boy he was feeling the unexpected Shetland heat and I could hear his breathing.  By tomorrow it will be winter again.

BN2A5298 BN2A5299 BN2A5300 BN2A5301

They were all mooching (and yes, I know but I refuse to photoshop for the sake of prettiness.)


The boys were not in the mood to cuddle – they just wanted to stuff their faces with the newly appearing spring grass.  I am stopping their feeds now, slowly trickling it down to nothing exciting but I still want to keep them tame so lots of visiting and the vague “training”.

BN2A5311 BN2A5316

Making the most of the beautiful spring day, I photographed some bumble bees which, on closer inspection, look very infested.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or what is doing them in as a species.  Poor little buggers – they work so hard and I enjoy hearing them in the garden.

BN2A5318 BN2A5324 BN2A5325 BN2A5327 BN2A5328 BN2A5329 BN2A5336 BN2A5337 BN2A5346

BeAnne rolled in something unspeakable (Eau d’Otter by Channel) when I went out riding.  I could smell her from my horse and my eyes watered.  She knew this so went swimming in our burn.


My exotic life!


5 thoughts on “Hot and Smelly

  1. bigears

    we had a rather hot and doggy smelling poodle in the car this afternoon – the weather is all over the place, freezing cold, humid, no idea what to expect next

  2. Linda

    Glad to see/hear you got in some fun today with the “kids” and such nice shots of the bees hard at work.


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