A Nice Sedate Ride for the Retired

Go for a ride They Said.  It will be fun, They Said.

So I caught my horse, Haakon (aged 26 yo), tacked up and off we went.

Daisy came along too riding Iacs (aged 25 yo).  We were all in our Cavalla Hoof Boots – fronts and backs.

This is my best view in the whole world.  I told the old men about this being a slow ride as everyone is unfit, old and realistically in retirement now.

Daisy and Iacs ignored my words of wisdom.  They cantered off.

Haakon was slightly more sedate in his approach to life and happily piggy-paced along.  I don’t ask for tölt anymore unless he offers it.

There was definitely cantering and more trotting/tölting than the calm walking I had requested.  I blame the hoofboots.  The old men love them.  Iacs even considered tölting which could possibly be classed as a miracle as he has never done that in all his 25 years!

On the final stretch, Iacs galloped home with Haakon keeping up in flying pace alongside.  Daisy and I were mere passengers.

I don’t know I bothered saying this would be a slow and calm ride.

(Enjoy Iacs’ buttercup. It travelled with him!)

Maybe the next ride will be quieter.  Yer, right.

3 thoughts on “A Nice Sedate Ride for the Retired

  1. Gail Lawson

    I love your posts! Thank you for sharing such a life of horses, sheep, ducks, dogs, Monster, and work. I am envious, in a good way! Enjoy those rides!


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