Gone all Black and White

I love black and white photos.  I have been practising with my newly resurrected (time is of the essence here, because it is dying) camera.

Daisy and I “did feet” this morning and came home to see this wonderful sight…..

(zoomed in from the original – sorry it’s blurry) – Maggie sitting next to Edna – this is “A Major Breakthrough” in all things Maggie.  My heart sang.

Meanwhile, in other worlds, I found Iacs and Klængur had shacked up together.  Previously it had been Haakon who had taken up residence.  I took him his breakfast this morning.  I am glad these two are sharing. It is lovely to see.

(why am I thinking Simon and Garfunkel album cover?)

Sadly, it’s only a small shed (designed and built originally for my three goats many years ago) and not big enough for three Icelandic horses.  This was the original home of the Minions (Waffle, Storm and Silver) when they came to live with us.

Although Haakon was outside, he didn’t care.

And we had a lovely chat.

Maggie was around and wanting my attention – and/or biscuits, third breakfast, anything.

Actually, she’s always around.

It is lovely.

And bingo!  There it is. The Winning Smile.  Maggie is definitely one of us and I had a quick furtle and the lamb(s) won’t be long now.

I don’t think Lambie is going to be impressed.

There is only one not-so-little Lambie in my life.  He told me!


4 thoughts on “Gone all Black and White

  1. Sam

    Do love the moodiness of the black & white photos. And yes, the Gents are rather a handsome band cover. As for Maggie – are you sure she is not part Hobbit? What with 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevenes….
    And yes, there is only ONE Lambie, there can be many lambs gamboling around the whole island.

    1. Frances Post author

      All sheep in uk have to be tagged for identification in the food chain. Some fall out. Or, with Edna and Madge, get cut out before they are dumped and abandoned.


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