Dreki’s Bitted

Dreki:  Whoa, what’s this?
Daisy: A bit!

Dreki: What is it for?
Daisy: It’s for you!

Dreki: Eh?
Daisy: Don’t think. Have a carrot instead!
Dreki:  Ok!

Daisy: Have a sniff and a good look.
Dreki: Ok, boss.

(Daisy popped the bit in Dreki’s mouth and quickly did up the headstall so the bit was nicely fitted).

Dreki:  OMG!  OMG!

Daisy:  Have a carrot!
Dreki:  Ok (though I doubt if I could ever eat with this thing in my mouth).

Dreki:  Ah, a new skill – I can eat with this thing!

Dreki: Do I look cool in this, or do I look cool in this?
Daisy:  You look cool, have a carrot!

Dreki:  Ok!
Daisy:  Well done!

And then Daisy undid Dreki’s headstall (in the Icelandic horse world, there are no throat lashes) and took the bit out.  All is good, all is calm.

And that was that.  Dreki has worn a bit.  Another step forward.

5 thoughts on “Dreki’s Bitted

  1. Sam

    First of all, I fell off my chair laughing at this dialogue! Second – well done Drekki and Daisy!
    Never underestimate the power of The Carrot.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So interesting. Daisy (and you) seem to know just what works when getting a horse used to something new and scary! I loved the dialogue too…..I’m sure it went just like that! Good job!

  3. Christine

    Carrie work miracles. I’ve always thought that if I could develop an essence of carrot concentrate to dab on horse noses, I would be a rich woman 🙂
    I lot of riders in this area use Micklem bridles (which do have a throat latch), but they often need adjustment since Icelandic headsseem to come in a variety of sizes.

  4. May

    In America, it’s a running joke that if something needs improving, add “more cow bells!” (from an SNL skit). Now it’s time for “have a carrot!”

    2021 got you down? Have a carrot!


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