Going Along

The weather does not merit my big camera leaving its safe place on top of the piano so here are some photos from its last day out (a few day’s back when I took photos of the Minions).

Lilja, although filthy dirty, is still lovely.

She has the most elegant head and is growing into a very beautiful lady.  I know I always say it but she is so like her dad!

Dear little Sóley-the-Foalie worships her big sister and follows her if she is allowed (Mother permitting).  It can all get a bit “Jungle Book” – the scene with the elephants piling up when one stops suddenly when they are marching.

But Sóley-the-Foalie is also a Mummy’s Girl.  Hetja will call her away from talking to “the Shetland pony rabble”, as I am sure she calls them!

I love the way Mother and daughter are in perfect step with each other.

At home, we are very set in our winter routine. There is little opportunity to ride even with an indoor school (far too noisy and scary for the horses). We “do” horses and ponies in the morning – all fed, watered, rugs changed, checked, etc and in the afternoon I go to my wee shed to make sheep that no one wants to buy this time of year.  I don’t mind. I am stock-piling for the summer when hopefully they will fly off the shelves.  In the evening, I transcribe my great-great Aunt’s diaries, which are becoming more and more interesting.

The Shetland nights are getting very slightly lighter now.  It is barely noticeable but soon the minutes will add up and we will begin to see a big difference.

Winter is moving along and we are all surviving it so I can’t really complain. I would like to ride one day, however.

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