Salt Lick

We have a chippy-chipmunk in our midst so I bought a Himalayan salt lick which might, at best, solve the problem or, at least, keep said chipmunk occupied with something else to do apart from eating my fences.  Little sod-bag.

So in a Force 10, or so, give or take, I hung up the salt lick on a sturdy fence strainer.  To be fair, though, I usually distribute salt-licks this time of year.  This is when they want them most which is odd considering the amount of sea salt that is around.

(I adore Hetja’s expression – such a wonderful lady)

Anyway, they had their hard-feed and then I showed them their new lick.

And I could see that Hetja was thrilled with it, trying to bite off chunks.  Wicked lady!

She showed Sóley-her-Foalie who had a tentative but interested sniff too.

And then she had a shot at it too.

I think I will get a few more for the others.  Everyone likes a salt lick.  If the chippy-chipmunking goes on, however, I shall paint the fences with my concoction (patent pending) of chilli infused oil!  That usually stops everyone in their tracks. And then it’s war!

6 thoughts on “Salt Lick

  1. Lisa

    I have a 16.2h Chippy Chipmunk. When we built his run-in shed, we put the 2×4’s on the outside so it was smooth surfaces inside and no tooth holds. In the stall, I tried a store bought deterrent spray. In spite of having a bandana tied around my nose and mouth, I had to run out into the fresh air several times when applying the spray as it was very strong. Apparently, not strong enough for Mr. Chippy and we ended up using hardware cloth and angle iron to deter him and his teeth!!


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