Go for a Drive

We all have a lot on our plate at the moment. Much to think about.

It is family stuff so, as it was raining, I went for a drive.

I needed to get some perspective and do some thinking.

I have my favourite route so I put the windows down, the heater on full blast and stopped occasionally to take photos of the beautiful, if soggy, Shetland scenery, flora and fauna.

Yay, to th oystercatchers – there just isn’t much sign of Spring and they usually bring it with them.  Perhaps they’ve made a serious misjudgement coming home.

When it is persisting down, there is a limit to how much time I can spend with my animals outside. I only have so many waterproofs.

Obviously we feed the horses and ponies but riding a soggy horse, even in an indoor school, is a miserable affair and very uninspiring.

So that would be my riding mojo – it made a brief appearance – now floating away.

I enjoyed my drive.  It was peaceful and I got some thinking done.

I found two Eriskay ponies eating hay.

I think they are rather special.

And then I wended my way home.

This is my soggy lot.  I really feel for them but it’s not that cold and they are eating huge piles of silage twice a day.

Apparently it might stop raining next week.

6 thoughts on “Go for a Drive

  1. Judith Garbutt

    We all need spring to arrive! Your landscape definitely looks a little soggy! Hope your ‘issues’ sort themselves out and don’t cause you too much stress.


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