Sheeple and the Little People

Every morning I put a headcollar on Lambie (back-to-front – it makes a very good harness) and lead him, with his friends following, out into the paddock where Albie and Newt live.  There is also a gate open to a much larger field so everyone can roam further if they want to.  The shed door is also shut (unless there is adverse weather and shelter is required) so no one can just stand in the shed.  They all have to go out and get jobs!

This afternoon, everyone had come home and there was loitering.

Lambie was practising his “Garbo” – ever the professional.

I asked the sheeple if they wanted out, ie to go to their night-time abodes – and they didn’t need asking twice.

This left the two little boys.

Newt is a hairy little yak in his winter woollies.

Albie is growing up quickly and looks a very smart little boy.

Someone asked me if Newt was this year’s foal.   He isn’t.  He is the same age as Albie – nearly 2 whole years old and 28″ high.

Newt struggles with bad hair days.

I feel his pain.  Come the summer, he will be glorious again.  I remind him of this every day.

Obviously I came out armed and of course I distributed my largesse – a carrot each, which was duly appreciated.

Newt insisted on taking his to a bog to eat it!  I give up.

9 thoughts on “Sheeple and the Little People

  1. Sam

    Newt’s hair looks like it is full of static electricity. Did have a good chuckle at “hairy yak”.
    Where is the Sheeples’ evening abode?

    1. Frances Post author

      Lambie’s second best bedroom – no wifi but lots of straw. Best bedroom has been taken over by the hens.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Aren’t teenagers just the most awesome/frustrating at this age!
    We are having mlld Shetland Spring weather – it’s pouring buckets here with chances of thunder and lightning later on today. Oh, joy………..the number of people driving w/o their lights on is just too scary (and they’re usually the ones driving too fast in the rain as well).
    Poor people in Southern California (mainly Montecito and Santa Barbara) are getting hammered by the rain and have barely had time in digest the truly awful results of the last downpour!

    1. Frances Post author

      I hate folk who drive w/o their lights. Terrifying.

      The greenery after the downpour will be spectacular. (and my little tree will be happy)

  3. Carol E

    Such wonderful photos, again! You capture their personalities so well. I listened to the Shipping Forecast and it sounds like you’re again on the edge of gale winds? It’s amazing there’s anything left at all.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Newt is SO gorgeous – he doesn’t have to wait until Summer. Those Sheep boys are well behaved – don’t they all know exactly what they w ant!!??

  5. Linda

    I think the boys look appropriately “attired” for this time of year. (And they’re already TWO years old?!)
    And yes, Lambie has that Garbo thing down, doesn’t he?


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