We had an influx of people, horses and dogs today.  It was wonderful.

Jo brought Hetja (my soon-to-be brood mare) and Essja (my yearling filly) to do their feet and some work.


Beeble and Snati also came along.


Fiona brought her two daughters, Arwen and Amber and they were quickly put to work brushing Haakon and Iacs.


I had the sudden urge for a bonfire (there is something very therapeutic about a good bonnie!)


Haakon fell in love with Hetja.

BN2A8903 BN2A8905

We tried the new saddles on Hetja and, after Jo had shod her fronts, she lunged and rode her.

BN2A8851 BN2A8859 BN2A8874

Darling Hetja was just the same as ever, listening, relaxed and willing. She hasn’t been touched for 4 months.

BN2A8888 BN2A8891

Meanwhile, not-so-darling Essja was a spoiled little madam who didn’t want to be tied up (ok, it was her first time ever) and had a tantrum.

BN2A8862 BN2A8879

We decided on diversionary tactics for this behaviour so Fiona let Esja follow Hetja in the school and learn how to lead nicely.

BN2A8882 BN2A8887

This method did work well for a while, although there were some brattage moments which were ignored while the good behaviour was suitably rewarded.

BN2A8892 BN2A8894

It was so lovely to see everyone today.  The girls loaded like professionals to go home ….

BN2A8917 BN2A8920

….while Snati (oh, the shame) had to be carried to the car as he suddenly lost the use of all his legs and, possibly, brain!





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