You know what?

I wrote a dreary miserable blog about myself and then WordPress started to be a bit wobbly which was a message to me to say FFS Frances get a ruddy grip!

This morning’s pictures consist of Wussums appearing out of nowhere on the window, which made me smile.  He was obviously walking the roof but when he sat on the window I laughed and laughed at his undercarriage.


He is perfectly suited to this house as he is obviously “a character”.


As the attention was off Her Maj, BeAnne maintained what she thought was a dignified sulk


and refused to co-operate in any way. This is the standard Patterdale Terrier sulk.


Then I was asked to do a small photoshoot for Outi Kater, who is my very talented knitting friend in Shetland.  I was happy to oblige, as boredom and misery were trying their hardest to take over my day.  Obviously I can’t show you the results yet, but it was good to get out to my favourite spot…


….taking my two hangers-on.  This is quickly becoming the norm, these days.



So we did the shoot, we admired the scenery and I hope the finished results are good.


Tis the little things, these days, that make my day.  I am not fussy…


…. and some times I need a kick up the arse to remind myself that all is actually not that bad. Please feel free to kick!


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