Getting On

I had a lovely ride this afternoon with Jo. She rode Klængur and I rode Haakon – we pottered up the road and back again putting the world to rights.

Afterwards, I grabbed my camera and iPod to spend the afternoon with BeAnne, lying on my waterproof coat enjoying the sunny weather with the horses and ponies.


I love pony watching.  My favourite sport.


One thing that occurred – I watched The Minions with Iacs and the little ones started to go over the burn (stream) to the other side of the field.  Iacs gave Kappi, who was not part of the group, a very long look and Kappi left everything and strolled up.  Then Iacs left the scene and the next thing I could see was Kappi chasing the little boys back over the burn and getting them to then follow him to another part of the field.  Most odd.  You could almost hear Iacs’ and Kappi’s conversation.


It was very nice watching The Minions jump the old dry stone dyke (wall).  Waffle jumped like a stag!

BN2A5357 BN2A5358 BN2A5359  BN2A5363

And so I lay on my coat with my camera taking the odd snap of the pony politics and enjoying the warm autumn sun.

BN2A5368 BN2A5372 IMG_1812BN2A5382

Taktur came over to stand beside me.  He was watching too in a sleepy afternoon ZZzzzz sort of way.


Next thing, he had flopped down beside me.  The iPod was playing Ólafur Arnalds (a BAFTA-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer from Mosfellsbær, Iceland).  It is beautiful evocative music and together Taktur and I listened sleepily together for half an hour or so.


It is good to see The Minions and Taktur get on well together.  There is no aggro, no nothing really though I did see Waffle trying to have a sneaky nibble of Taktur’s back leg!


It was an interesting afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Getting On

  1. Terri

    What a perfectly lovely and happy day! (I love the photos of The Minions jumping — and to think they could barely stand when you came into their lives….) Glad Taktur is back with the herd and things are going well.

  2. Linda K

    Lovely photos of Taktur. He looks very content and chilled, just lapping up the sun.

    It’s good to see everyine is being kind to the Minions and looking out for them.


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