Gave In

While we were putting on our waterproofs this morning, we made a plan of what to do.  Outside was a 50mph gale with -2 windchill factor and horizontal stinging rain.  Our first priority was to get the horses inside.  The gale had started last night some time and so we knew they needed a break – to eat their food in peace, dry out and get some rest.

We called them up and the younger ones came racing while Haakon and Iacs stayed at the bottom refusing to move.

My first thought was that Haakon couldn’t get through the old gateway that he has always walked through (there are rocks from an old rumbled wall) but I really couldn’t get down to them so I called and called while the others vanished into the shed.  Haakon was behaving oddly – he kept trying to lead Iacs on a different route round but Iacs wouldn’t follow and he wouldn’t go through the gateway by himself.  In the end, Haakon bullied Iacs through the gateway and then forced him up the hill, staying behind him and not letting him stop to think (always a dangerous game with Iacs).  Most odd.  He wouldn’t leave Iacs.  They were fine once they reached the school.

We had to split the herd up – Taktur and Kappi together in the stable and the rest in the indoor school.

Lots of little piles of silage everywhere.

Albie and Newt were in their own little paddock and shed with a big pile of silage to themselves.

The sheep were fed in their shed.

They don’t like being inside much and could make their own choices, like nibbling the new cladding, Lambie!

And yes, I shouted at him – can’t you tell?

They had their own fresh pile of silage by the lee-side of the shed.

Meanwhile, Puzzah had decided he was not really into sharing!

The gale was over by lunchtime, so everyone happily went outside again having had a nice morning off!

3 thoughts on “Gave In

  1. Cathy

    Your boys are very well behaved! Mine would have embellished your horse lorry with go faster stripes, using their teeth, and probably removed the windscreen wipers for an encore.

    Lambie’s efforts with the cladding seem quite minor by comparison.

    Bet they were all just relieved to get in out of the weather for a while.

  2. Terri

    Brrrrrr, good call! Interesting that Haakon seemed to be looking out for Iacs. I love Lambie’s “who, me?” face! And I’m so happy Puzzah joined your flock — a fine chap, even if sharing is not his thing.


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