I gave myself the morning off as I woke up with a stinking migraine.  The girls were wonderful and with my OH completed all the morning chores while Her Maj and I slept off my miserableness.

By lunchtime, I was beginning to feel better so, with nothing much to do as it had all been done (I am lucky), I took myself for a walk.  Fresh air is essential.

It was the usual route – down the road and back. I don’t trust myself in the hill. I have no balance.

The hill sheep congregate close to our croft because they think we will give them silage.

This hill moorit ram especially likes to hang around.

I called him over (yes, I am probably a sheep whisperer) and, like others we have known, he is exceptionally tame.

He even started following me on my walk.  I think the whole family would be furious if I brought another one home.  He also has a perfectly good home and does not need to be another Bozyen.  There is a limit and we have reached that limit and yes, I am telling myself this many times.  It is very wrong to kidnap random sheep off the scattald and it probably comes under the law of sheep rustling, if there is one.

Anywho, on with my walk and you can see just how much water we all have. The ground everywhere is saturated.

I like this walk because the views are always stunning – looking down to the south end of the island.

When I got home, I had a quick sneak round the garden and guess what I found?  The first snowdrops.  Surely a sign winter is thinking about going.

4 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Dear Sheep Whisper – it is held in good authority that there are never too many boyzens; however, he does belong to someone else and having to get all the way to the Shetland to visit someone incarcerated would be very tedious, so don’t do it.

    As to migraines – as a fellow sufferer, take care – I’m telling you it’s the weather there. Any part of the world where barometric measure falls (or rises in some cases) migraines are prevalent. Hope by this time you are feeling much, much. better. Her Maj is a good sick day partner!

  2. Sam

    Margaret is right about visiting incarcerated Sheep Rustlers in Shetland. But another walking buddy who enjoys carrots and being with you is a grand idea. My sister also gets migraines when the weather changes so take care! Those of us in New England need to see your signs of spring whispering “hello” as Winter yells “I’m staying!”.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Glad your nasty headache is gone. OOOh I love snowdrops.
    What a wonderful find on your walk. Plus your sheep friend following you….how sweet. I hope he went back where he belonged eventually! You seem to attract all the critters. Must be because of your good heart!

  4. Terri

    So sorry about your migraine. The sweet-faced Boyzenberry-Wanna-Be just followed your gentle aura!
    The snowdrops are blooming here in the Pacific NW too — the harbinger of Spring!


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