Poorly Paw (Leg Actually)

A certain little Ginja-Ninja (aka Efstur) came in yesterday with a blood stripe down his front near fore (left leg to you and me) and yes, I had to look up the correct terminology so I could pretend I actually knew!

So we cleaned up the trail of seepage (a gross word on a par with “moist”!), could not find where it came from and sprayed the area with antibiotic spray in a hopeful fashion. We also felt each leg and decided the injured one was very slightly hotter than the other.

The treatment prescribed was TurmerAid from The Golden Paste Company as turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, an effective analgesia and has mild antimicrobial properties and this will obviously make everything right.

Efstur happily guzzled it all down.  You can actually feed this stuff without a mix – they love it.  Haakon eats his every morning in a handful.

And today?  Well the mild heat has gone, the wound is clean (still can’t find it) and Efstur is still sound and very happy to have another scoopful of TurmerAid in his daily feed.

I know I rave about TurmerAid but I sincerely believe in it and feed it daily to:-

Haakon (arthritis),
Klængur (stiff back end, now flying along),
Kappi (Daisy says he takes longer to warm-up)
and obviously Lambie with his bone-on-bone arthritis.
BeAnne has the dog version and trots along, a-buggering off happily and
I take the human version because I wake up barely being able to move.

You may have guessed. I am a huge fan.

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