I was stuck for photos for today’s blog so making the most of the beautiful late afternoon light, I went to photo the old boys in their field.

This made me smile – Haakon and his Fan Club!

Bibble was sporting a superb silly-frilly with an added look of eternal optimism.

Obviously, I had BeAnne with me, which goes without saying, but then I heard “wait for me” being called.

And then everywhere I went, I was followed.

…. With grim determination and I was not allowed out of Monster’s sights.

Where I went, he went too…… shouting all the time.

Her Maj was on top bouncy form so I decided we should go for a short walk in the hill as it was such a nice day.

I rallied my troops.

And they duly accepted Orders.

Even though the sun was setting, it was definitely worth it.

I had a lovely time playing “Cat? What cat! I see no cat!”

And we walked high up into the hill with me wondering whether I had a cat allocation in the scattald and also whether Monster would ever shut-the-f***-up!

And then, as the sun was setting, we came home.  I now know why I was being so faithfully followed.  It was an hour off Monster’s tea-time.  OH was out at work and my little white friend was worried I would forget so I was going to be reminded at all times!

Still, it was a nice, if noisy walk!


6 thoughts on “Followers

  1. Sam

    Hell hath no fury like a cat whose meal has been delayed. Little Miss Maine Coon cat starts yowling at 5am when breakfast is at 6am. Just in cast I forgot the time.

  2. Elva

    I can breathe a sigh of relief to know that there are no dangerous predators lurking about, as Monster does not really seem to blend into the landscape!! His hiking skills are quite admirable!!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your two buddies so much! What a fun trio you must be out there romping around. Love that first pic too with the birds riding along. When I saw monster squeeze under that fence…I was sure he’d turn up dirty! But no! What an amazing chap!


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