Bonding Time Together

Well, I’ve started the 1895 Diary and I won’t lie to you, it is a bit of a struggle. This is the opening week for January.

Oh. My. Word. And each page is exactly 3″ by 2″. Yup, that’s inches. A whole year’s activities written in the Charles Letts’s Thin Waistcoat Pocket Diary – burgundy colour.

Anyway, I have done pretty well with this page but if anyone can tell me what Great Great Aunt Kate is singing about with Miss Tadema (mentioned twice below), please tell me. And it is NOT “snuggled’. Of that, I am sure. I think it begins gl___.

To get over trying to read almost illegible squishy ant-writing, I went out for a walk to clear my head, my thoughts, refocus my eyes and to have a change of scene.  I took Klængur with me for company and BeAnne, having said she hated walking on the road, came bouncing enthusiastically along too, which was most surprising and very nice.

Since getting back from Mum’s, I haven’t ridden Klængur as his feet are very long and Daisy, who kindly rode him in the school while I was away, said he was tripping. I am not good with tripping.

The farrier is coming this week and hopefully, once trimmed and shod, we can start going out again.

On the walk, I let Klængur do his own thing. He followed along in a relaxed head-on-the-floor way occasionally stopping for a thistle.

We had a good chat too about our future riding career together.

What is this thing about old thistles?

Klængur bites them off very carefully and even goes looking for them.

It was nice to get out with my Ginger Ninja even if it wasn’t about the riding this time.  I think he enjoyed it too.


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