Foal Fur

As you know, or even may not, every year I sell yearling foal fur to fund my Shetland Foal Milk Service (supplying orphan foals with foal milk) or the day-to-day running of The Minions.

Recently, I was given this wonderful little chap by a regular Shetland visitor who took the wool from last year, spun it and created my dream pony!

Isn’t he wonderful?  He is perfection.

The main body is made of Silver, his hooves are Waffle and his mane is mostly Storm.  I love him.  I think he should be called Staffvler!


This is the rest of Silver’s foal fur beautifully spun and ready to be used.


The black and white ball is a mixture of Storm and Waffle.  Very clever..


So that was the three original Minions for once being useful!


And now I have a pocket-sized one!


He has the same hair-do and darling expression too!


Next it is Tiddles’ turn to donate as he is the only foal we have from last year.


His coat is very thick and we have done some brushing/combing but on Friday, when he is being gelded (please do not mention this to him), his belly fur will be shaved off too.


So far I have three buckets of the stuff so if you are interested, give me a shout. I will be packaging it up soon into bags.


7 thoughts on “Foal Fur

  1. Sarah norris

    Gorgeous pony.
    I’ve just started needlefelting and would love some foal fluff to play with. Let me know how much and what size bag (roughly) xxx
    Sarah x


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