The Softest Nose

I went to see Hetja and Little Himself (still no name) this morning after walking the dogs on the beach.  The dogs understood and stayed out of the field while I went in, only to find Hetja on her own.

Yes, I panicked.


And then I stopped when I saw a pair of little spikey lugs appear.


Little Himself stood up and instantly looked gorgeous.


He had his lunch while Hetja patiently waited for the carrots she knew I would bring.


Every time I see Little Himself, I am blown away with just how perfect he is.  He is wow!


You can see that he is growing his first teefs!  Poor Hetja – I bet she can feel them.


And he is eating grass too – mostly sampling, I think.

BN2A5083 BN2A5115

After the carrots, Hetja walked off and her son dutifully followed.


Hetja settled down to the important job of eating while Little Himself wanted to look at me….


And think ……


So I sat on the ground and waited to see what would happen.


Joy of joys, Little Himself decided he wanted to talk to me.  I slowly rested on my haunches, put down the camera, stretched out my hand, looked at the ground, rounded my shoulders and I felt this soft, soft velvety nose touch my hand.


There is no nose in this world softer.  It was better than silk, velvet, the finest material.  Just soft and warm and a little tickly.  I looked up and my heart melted even more.


I was officially introduced.


And then he went back to Hetja and I came home feeling very honoured.


Now, what is Icelandic for small soft nose?

9 thoughts on “The Softest Nose

  1. Diane

    Dufenef (Dove Nose) was the nickname of Thorir who went to find Fluga (first horse in Iceland actually referenced by name in the sagas).


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