Flown the Nest

Well that’s it.  Summer is officially over and it was a good one.

Daisy, my eldest daughter, is on the boat tonight south to start her last year at St Andrews University (St Snotters) studying Biology.  She has been a real help to me this holidays and we had great times racing our horses, just sitting for hours in the field with the herd and trying to outdo each other with filthy looks or Kath & Kim quotes.


Floss, the younger, left last week for Beijing where she is currently doing her “year abroad” from Oxford University studying Chinese.  Yes, you heard me right – Chinese.  She has been there a week already and the last message I received was “Sitting in a Chinese cafe.  I’ve found they have an affinity for playing hymns. Recognised at least three from school.” – and that made me laugh so I think everything is alright.

I do worry.

It was lovely having the girls home this summer.  We achieved great things like riding together (a first), hugging the Minions and being a complete family.  I think it is only me that can hear that clock ticking now.  They are adults and I have a limited time of them wanting to come home.

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Still, I always have their sister and she is never going to leave me!


6 thoughts on “Flown the Nest

  1. Karen

    The last few years are precious…but a new relationship develops after they have flown the nest which is every bit as good….and they develop a new appreciation for your mothering when they become mothers themselves xxx

  2. Evelyn

    Yes, we lose them when they go to uni. Then if there are grandchildren, we come into action all over again? My uni friend said to me yesterday that it was years since she had done so much as a mother.

  3. Cate

    Oh Frances, they may travel far, but Thordale, and if ever you leave it, wherever you go, will always be “home” in their hearts.


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