We went to see Brangelina today – aka my lovely Icelandic mare, Hetja frá Skeiðháholti and stallion, Taktur frá Velli II.  They have been living together since mid-July and are a very happy married couple.


Hetja has perfected her come-hither look…


…. and Taktur is still utterly drop-dead gorgeous.


(I think she has been keeping him up late!)

BN2A5062 BN2A5063

Daisy was saying her good-byes – Taktur is her black stallion and she hasn’t seen much of him this summer as he was on holiday.  We believe holidays mean a rest from everything and everyone, unless utterly necessary.

BN2A5067  BN2A5086  BN2A5091

Hopefully Hetja is pregnant with her first foal.  Exciting times ahead.

She was in training with Jo and will go back to being ridden until she stops enjoying going out.  She has a tölt, once she gets going, that can only be described as ‘stonking’!  It is amazing.  Jo has done wonders with her.

BN2A5092 BN2A5093 BN2A5104 BN2A5106

Taktur looks fabulous now.  He has filled out and looks more grown-up.  Still the same brain and thoughts, just an incredible body!


I think he has missed his people and will be glad to come home to his friends.  I wonder what he will make of The Minions in his field now? I will trust him to be the perfect gentleman until proven otherwise.  If he is horrid, we will re-think the situation.


When we saw him today, he seemed just the same as ever.  He enjoyed his scratch from Daisy.


2 thoughts on “Brangelina

  1. Vicki

    I’d be constantly running over hill and dale to see everyone on a daily basis, rub all the noses, scratch the itchy spots on everyone, and say hello. Love your posts!

  2. Cate

    Brangelina indeed. They are the most beautiful couple on the planet! What a gorgeous pair—made for each other, I think. 🙂


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