Flossie’s New Employment

Flossie has a new job.- she is now officially Taktur’s exercise buddy.

We want Taktur to put on more muscle (not flab) and the only way is to walk and walk and walk him round and round the school to 1980’s disco music.  The music is important as there is a good working beat to walk to.

Ten minutes in one direction, encouraging Taktur to walk as fast as he can manage without breaking into trot/tölt, on a loose rein so he stretches down too.


Turn on the forehand.


And then ten minutes in the other direction.


It is good for both Taktur and Flossie.  Taktur will get more muscle and Flossie will achieve a better seat, learning how to move her body in time with the horse’s movement.


After the twenty minutes, they can both relax!


Bjørn, our trainer, taught Flossie exactly what he wanted her to do.


He talked her through the whole process, telling her what should be achieved.


I have put up this photo to show you that although Floss has her concentrating face on, she adored riding Taktur and says it will not be a chore to exercise him almost every day for 20 minutes.


Today, I sat in with her while she exercised Taktur, just to keep an eye, after all this is a vicious stallion who could kill her at any time (NOT), and as she was absolutely fine, I will leave her to get on with her new job.


6 thoughts on “Flossie’s New Employment

  1. Terri

    What a nice story. Flossie has come a long way, in a relatively short amount of time, from not wanting to ride at all, to enjoying exercising a Vicious Stallion! (who is still the Handsome Prince)

  2. Carina

    He is gourgous, I like this type av horse a lot. Strong and graceful at the same time. Is he possibly after Orri fra Pufu? I have a grandson of his and they look a lot alike I must say


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