The Temple of the Silage Bale

All hail The Guardian of The Silage Bale.  She takes her job very seriously.  None shall rub their heads or bums on the fence. They will be stopped forthwith. Thems are her rules, sorry Her Rules.


A new silage bale was put out yesterday afternoon and everyone is gathered or living around it.


The silage bales is everyone’s friend.  Everyone’s bestest friend.  It understands the need for greed.


The foothills of the silage bale are mostly eaten by lesser pushy mortals.


I put out separate piles of silage for those that are feeling left out, though mostly everyone gets a shot at the bale eventually.


It is a full time job worshipping at The Temple of The Bale.  My horses sense the urgency of eating it before it goes off and always make a clean plate because they are well brung up and know you always leave a clean plate.


Bless them for trying!

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