First Tree

This evening we put up the Christmas tree, after a lovely lunch out with friends.  This is Monster’s first Christmas with us and it was interesting to see what he would think of all the new-to-him decorations.

Monster was a bit unsure about all the boxes coming out from under the stairs plus the arrival of a tall green “tree”.  No one likes change in this house.  We are all creatures of habit.

BeAnne wandered about getting in everyone’s way, like she does.  She was just irritated that all the attention wasn’t on her.

Monster is very much a family cat – always around and always hungry.  He likes to be with us.

But this evening he was fairly nonplussed and left.

Once we had finished the tree construction and decoration, Monster returned and realised what Christmas is all about.

Basically it is for exploring the tree and understanding that every ball is for trying to knock off.  It is a cat thing.  Last year Wu got to the top!

We will have a sweepstake on how long this tree lasts upright.

Me? I give it 24 hours!

5 thoughts on “First Tree

  1. Mary C. McNamara

    Our felines don’t get a tree or pretty bobbles to knock off. Years back someone ate tensile and pine needles and we had a Christmas trip to the vet. No poinsettia plants either. !!! So now these years we put up some chili lights and a nativity creche and that is about it. Outside we still do our luminarios on Christmas eve.
    Glad you all are giving monster lots of things to enrich his life 😉
    Have a happy holiday.
    Warmest wishes from the Southwest.
    Colleen , Gil and all the feathered and furred

  2. diane in northern wis

    Your tree looks just beautiful. I hope it doesn’t go over or I’m afraid many lovely things will get broken. Tell that Monster to be good! Like BeAnne!

  3. Cathy Hughes Hallett

    He’s looking rather more svelte than when he arrived! Maybe he will be light enough to climb without causing mayhem….. Oh wait…. He is a cat!


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