A Strong Team

Floss, my youngest daughter, had a riding lesson with Hamish Cameron, who is visiting Shetland for the weekend.


Although Floss has regular lessons from our trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen, it is always good to learn from others.


So, after I had packed vegetables all afternoon for Transition Turrifield, I piled Klængur and Flossie into the horse-van and drove them to where Hamish was giving lessons.


Hamish asked me if Klængur would have a hissy fit at his new schooling environment.  The best I could do was to shrug (in a nonchalent Gallic way) and say “Dunno.  Expect we will find out” whilst praying to the Gods that he behaved for Floss’ sake and for everyone else’s.


Of course, I need not have worried.  Klængur was wonderful and did his absolute best for Flossie.


I had told Hamish that Floss had only been riding for 6 months – she started riding, remember, when she came back from Beijing in August last year.


She and Klængur were one.  It was lovely to watch.


She listened, Klængur listened and they achieved.


What a team – a strong team.


And then Klængur  trotted and everyone sat back and watched.BN2A0326

Dammit, Klængur’s trot is wonderful.  Dammit, Floss’ riding was good and dammit, I am very jealous.


They both did good and I was so proud of Flossie and Klængur .  For only six months’ riding, Floss is doing brilliantly.  I credit Bjørn Roar Larsen and without him, we are nothing.


And also a huge thank you to Hamish too.  He helped Floss and Klaengur a lot.

proud mother alert…. Sniff.

3 thoughts on “A Strong Team

  1. Linda K

    Well done to Flossie and Klaengur. I like photo number eight – he’s paying attention. He wants to be a good boy and do his very best. He seems to be a lovely natured horse.

  2. Darby

    I am very impressed with Floss! hard to believe she has only been at it 6 months and isn’t she away at school as well? riding is not easy, only those who have never tried it think so. you have much to be proud of.


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