Finally Sheared

The Boyzenberries are all finally sheared.  They were done last night by our very efficient and kind shearer. I had starved them most of the day too.

First up was Lambie.

Then ‘Ster and then ‘Bert (sorry, no pic).

When I put Lambie back with the others, they instantly attacked him so I let him back out to stand by me and watch the rest of the shearing.  He hates aggro and got very upset.

Once ‘Ster was sheared, things calmed down slightly.  For a while they don’t recognise each other. It always happens.

The arguing continued but I had to keep them in for the night because it was horrible and raining.  I left them bickering with some hay, alfalfa block, water and went back into the house to worry all night, waking up with a stonking migraine.

The sheeple rushed out of their stable first thing enjoying their freedom.

Today they are quieter and less boisterous but at least the arguing has stopped.


This afternoon I went into my shed with Lambie joining me.

Once the wool had been taken off, one observation is that everyone is extremely fat so snacks are off the table now, no more daily breakfast and carrots are the only way ahead.

We move into Lambie’s (revolting) pink phase.  Once his wool starts growing, he will assume his natural good looks and faint smell of wee.

So that chore is over.  I must admit I hate it but shearing has to be done and everyone is much happier with the result.

15 thoughts on “Finally Sheared

  1. Sam

    So Spanish Water Dogs have a long corded hair coat. When the sheep get sheared so do the dogs. Almost everyone I have met, goes into a sulk for a couple of days until they figure out how easy it is to move sans the long coat. And yes, they also often get put on diets since the coat hides a multitude of sins.

  2. Cathy

    Who would have thought that Lambie had such interesting markings under that woolly coat? They do look much happier, and I’m sure he must smell better!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I’m not surprised they don’t recognise each other – they look so different without their woolly coats!

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Love it – they get sheared and you get the migraine! There is no equality when being a parent. However, they all look much better and certainly if there’s any more summer sunshine, won’t feel quite as bad.

  5. Donna Schoonover

    Congratulations on getting them sheared. I shared one of my Shetland sheep today too, an older ewe I did not want the shearer to do in March. I wouldn’t mind buying a little patch of Lambie fleece, if that is an option. He is a favorite of mine.

  6. Louise Stopford

    Your boys looked so handsome and I bet they feel much better now. Isn’t it funny how they don’t recognise each other after shearing – they must smell the same underneath their woolly jumpers.

  7. Linda

    I’m sure once they calm down, there will be a “baa” of relief for being so much cooler.

    Sorry the whole debacle caused you a migraine though; that’s not fair…


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