Life on the Croft

This is Monster in all his Monstery glory.  He is a huge character.  How did we ever live without him?

He loves sharpening his claws on anything but is good in the house about this (others have not been).  We put out a strategically placed scratching post which he has lovingly destroyed.

OH decorated it with toys and occasionally I sprinkle some catnip, which blows his mind.

There is also a faint whiff of polecat about Monster.

I dread to think how that encounter went, mostly for the polecat!

Precious BeAnne (Her Maj, aka Beatle) is doing well. She potters about in her old age doing her own thing but keeping an ever-watchful eye on me in case I have an independant thought.  We all have our daily routines and she organises her family (us) just how she wants life to be.  I believe we are very well trained.

It has taken a while, but BeAnne has finally stopped killing hens – she got through her fair share of them led by Loki (RIP), but now I think we are past that and will draw a veil over this behaviour.  Monster has never been bothered. I wonder if he was a farm cat in his previous life in Scotland.  He seems so at home here.

Meanwhile, Lilja continues to leave the older mares, coming up to take at look at whatever is going on.

Every day she looks more and more like her father, Taktur frá Velli II. 

Peas in a pod and the same temperament too.

I am really enjoying watching her grow up.

I think it is because Lilja is beside the house, so I see her all the time while Dreki, her brother is mooching about being a teenager with the other boys.  He is far more aloof than his sister.  I will go out tomorrow (if it ever stops raining) and take some photos of him to compare.  They are both 2 years old now.

Hetja is beginning to change shape……. ooooh!






3 thoughts on “Life on the Croft

  1. Linda Loba

    Lilja really IS the spittin’ image of Taktur, isn’t she? Just beautiful…

    And I think Monster is definitely where he belongs – what a handsome boy!

    (I had to look up “polecat” having it seen several time now; for those of us in the US it’s a close relation – or the same thing as? – a “black footed ferret”)

  2. Sam

    Monster seems to have settled in quite nicely. Good of you to understand Her Mag is the Supreme Ruler. Bebe???

  3. Elva

    I usually am only smitten with cats with lots of stripes, like my cat, Skip Ta Ma Lou, but Monster has totally won me over! He has charisma!!!! I wish he could come over here to the US and replace a certain obnoxious politician!!!


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