Feet, feet and more feet.

They looked like a boy band waiting for their X-Factor audition!  So handsome.  So gorgeous.  So please don’t sing!


We brought the boys indoors.  The Fatties had straw in a haynet to share.


The Skinnies, yes you heard me right, The Skinnies had silage in a haynet.  Fákur (on on the right) is quite skinny under all that fur so he is allowed to share the net with Taktur.  He is also there to encourage Taktur to ruddy well eat.  Taktur has had a growth spurt and appears a bit taller.


Haakon, who has been hopping lame (the kind of lame that has you sucking your teeth) since losing a front shoe, had it replaced in the hope that this would make the difference. He came into the school on three legs, was shod, and then instantly looked much better.  A huge difference.  Phew!


BeAnne supervised to check everyone was doing their jobs correctly.  She is very fussy.  You can tell.


So Daisy rode her stallion, Taktur.


I rode Haakon and we rode together in the school.  Then I gave up.  Better to give in gracefully than compete with the beautiful people!

BN2A1895 BN2A1906 BN2A1907

Daisy asked Taktur to tölt.  She has not done this without instruction from Bjørn.


It was lovely to watch and I have slowed down the film so you can see the sequence of the footfall.  It is actually very interesting if you are not used to seeing tölt.

7 thoughts on “Feet, feet and more feet.

  1. Evelyn

    Thanks for posting that. Very interesting. It almost looks like sitting smooth canter. Due to active hind legs I suppose. Your slowing it down gives me a better idea of riding for ladies in Chaucer. Better than other vids I’ve seen of pacing. Thank you and thank your Daisy too please.

    1. Frances Post author

      That is not pacing. Pace is a completely different gait. It is lateral where tölt is four beated.

  2. Evelyn

    Yes, you are right. Wrong word. Silly of me. I did nt stop to look it up. Just posted after watching her. It looked so good.

  3. Vicki

    The tolt reminded of the paso fino gait, which is supposed to be very smooth. As if the front legs are moving faster than the back legs.


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