Doing stuff

A day of shite but much to do today.

1.  Bought straw for the bebbies, feed for Taktur from the feed merchant.

2.  Dug hole and buried friend’s dog who sadly died this morning.  He was Jack and Celt’s “love-child”, the very spit of both of them.  Rest in peace and run with the lads.

3.  Mucked out stables and dished out silage for everyone.


4.  Threw fresh straw in the bebbies’ house. I was very pleased to see their coats are not sodden through and are now doing their job properly.


5.  Sat with the bebbies for hours who refused to talk to us as they were very busy eating so I took photos instead.   Still thin, under their fur.  You can see in this photo.  Ick.


Played “Rumpelstiltskin” with Daisy (told her to weave the fresh straw into gold but she failed – such a disappointment).  She also did a mean Donald Trump impression with the straw but has forbidden me to show you the photo.


6.  Gave up waiting for the bebbies to talk to us (they had huge quantities of food) so went back home, called up the horses and fed them.


7.  Walked the dogs.

8.  Came home and removed Taktur from the muck-heap.

9.  Met Daisy who was kindly walking Jack for me – she is now forgiven for the lack of spun gold.  Removed Taktur from the muck-heap.

10.  Put Fakur out (who was given special silage to put on weight).  Removed Taktur from the muck heap.

11.  Put back Kappi who had escaped to eat silage.

12.  Removed Taktur from the muck heap.

13.  Gave up and put them all out in their field.

14.  Removed Taktur from the muck heap.

15.  Shouted at the horses to go down to their proper field.  Shut their gate behind them.

16.  Had a lie down.  I am exhausted now.


Boring video of the bebbies eating.  That seems to be all they do but it is good.  Anything to get the weight on them.  Listen to the wind blowing.  Loud and never-ending.

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