Experimental Gifs

After putting in that gif of Sven the reindeer trying to get the snowflake a few days back on the blog, I have been wondering if I could make a gif from some of my films.

I trawled the inter web, asked techie friends and found myself a lovely little piece of software that did just the job (I hope).

So here goes…..

Feel free to steal and use them but credit me if you can.


Another of the bebbies eating.


And another…..


I feel a whole new hobbie coming on!  Hours of entertainment.

P.S.  Haakon is much improved.  He is back to factory settings – doing everything as fast as possible (turn on a the forehand at 100mph), snatching the reins and stopping dead when I take my feet out of the stirrups).  My boy is back. I am so relieved.  I will admit that yesterday I was worried because he was so stiff, not right.  I have started him on glucosamine as it can only help him.  I hate the idea of him getting old.  Not my boy.  I have had him since he was 3yo.  Now he is 20.

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