Brá is not looking her best.

While Hetja’s milk has dried up, Brá is still nursing her son, Dreki, who is doing very well on it.

Brá is an exceptional brood mare – she has given her all to her foal and it is now beginning to show so we have changed everyone’s regime.  For the past few days Brá has been getting extra hard feed, and we have opened up the rainy-day field (a small field I have beeng saving for a rainy day).

We are slightly suspicious that Brá may also be nursing Lilja too, though she is slightly thinner than her half-brother but even so, looking very good.  We also decided to give the foals a little Mare and Foal mix.  Today was the first time the foals have ever met a bucket and Dreki dived straight in while Lilja danced around her handbag for a while.  She quickly got the plot when her mother, Hetja, offered to show her how.

Sadly for Hetja, she is not allowed anything as she is doing very well.  In fact a bit too well.

But I let her lick out the bucket as a reward for being nice and letting me catch her knowing full well she won’t get anything.

We will leave them like this for the next week, ie daily feeding hard feed to the foals and Brá and then we will wean Dreki.  He will come over to Thordale to live with his half-brothers, Efstur and Hjalti in Clothie.

We think it would be best Dreki is not with Albie and Newt and the oldies as they are in no mood to be bounced on at the moment.

So that’s the plan.

2 thoughts on “Feeding

  1. Sam

    For all the Bra does not like to be handled by people, she is great mother. And yes, the boy needs to go off to school now.

  2. Terri

    How on earth do you keep all your herd’s health statuses and schedules straight? Do you have a spreadsheet of “needs and feeds”? I fear I’d get it all mixed up and inadvertently feed the fatties!


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