I Lost My Horse

Today, I could not find my horse.  Back story:  he was out because he needed a shoe having lost it in the endless mud.

Eventually, however, I did located the old so-and-so.

Haakon had taken up residence in the sheep shed or, as it is now known, Puzzah’s Gentleman’s Club.

And Haakon had found Puzzah’s secret stash of silage.

He also managed to poo in it (I consider this very bad form, Haakon).  So, to lure this greedy horse out, I gave him a carrot that happened to be about my person.

After that debacle (my day has been full of them), Flossie had a riding lesson from Bjørn on her horse, Klængur.

Klængur was the horse that I bought for myself a few years back when I visited Iceland.

But, when Flossie decided she wanted to learn to ride, I quickly realised Klængur liked her far more than he liked me.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

May I just add that I mostly bought Klængur because I assured he would never trot.

So that’s another horse I have given away!

Flossie and Klængur make a very good team.

Meanwhile, Madame Sulky gave it her best!

2 thoughts on “I Lost My Horse

  1. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures once again, Frances. Glad you found your horse, even thought he was hiding out in the goat shed eating their sileage. Loved seeing the pics of Flossie riding Klaengur. (I’m still trying to get used to the names you pick for your animals) And that last pic of Madame Sulky was awesome too. She really does look like she’s trying for some horse-like perfection!


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