Fat Foxes

One of my jobs, while I am living at Mum’s house, is to empty the chest freezer in the garage.

Possibly around 10 years old (even more – I just don’t know), there are lots of unknown little containers of food that need to be thrown out.  Mum saved everything. I am not allowed to say hoarder but being brought up after the war, she wasted nothing.

So every day, I take six items, defrost them, and then put them out for the fox family, who are not looking bad on it.  In fact, I would go as far as saying one of them is very FAT!

3 thoughts on “Fat Foxes

  1. diane in northern wis

    Looks like the fox family is appreciative of what they’re finding every day. One does look a little bit plump! Good for you for working at cleaning out the freezer. Another good job to get done. Hope you and Ted are ok. Prayers for your Mum.


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