Holly Berries

According to folklore an abundancy of holly berries was a sign that a hard winter was to come.

I am now getting a bit nervous.

There is a holly tree on the golf course that, as a family, we always used to visit.  At Christmas, we would cut off small branches of leaves with the berries, lug them home and decorate the house (a sprig over each picture, mostly). It was very pretty.  Anything left over would be used in elaborate and large table decorations created by mother.  One such decoration was placed on top of the family television whereupon it duly keeled over pouring water straight down the back of the TV set!  I remember we had to dry the tv out with hair-dryers so it would work on Christmas Day.  I don’t remember any explosions.

I must ask my sister if she remembers this too.

3 thoughts on “Holly Berries

  1. Judith Garbutt

    According to an old friend, if you use one part glycerine to two parts water and put the holly branches into the mixture, it will keep them fresh for much longer and stop the colours from fading. I remember that she used to do this with copper beech branches. One of those bits of information which sticks in your mind and pops up out of nowhere!

  2. Linda

    We have 2 large (re: overgrown) holly bushes. I love them, and now I’ll have to go and check if we’re getting any berries yet.

  3. diane in northern wis

    The holly berries are very beautiful with those shiny green leaves. I love your story about decorating with holly berries when you were young.


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