Fashion and Physio

Lambie is on hourly physio.  He needs to walk and get his little legs going.  So I put him down at the opposite end of the kitchen and he walks to his bed, in front of the Rayburn.


We spent some time outside (I am a great believer in fresh air and sunshine) but he got cold, I searched around the house, found a sock without a partner and made him a little jersey.


It weighed him down to start with but, after I did some trimming (there was a roll neck and elasticated “waist”), he was very happy wearing it.


BeAnne is trying her hardest but she resents every minute I spend with Lambie (is this short for Lamington, btw?).


Her revenge is to sit in his bed the minute he is having his physiotherapy, ok walking around the kitchen.


Lambie (OH wants him to be called Lamb-borghini) is working hard on his walking skills and trying to be alert.  We will keep going.  Never say never.

Meanwhile, I managed to get out.  I went for a ride on Haakon and then walked the dogs around the 40 acre field.  En route, I met Iacs who was doing his best loony face – Daisy, take note, he will be fully your problem when you come home.


And Silver was doing his Gone-with-the-Wind face.


I love all my boys ❤

8 thoughts on “Fashion and Physio

  1. Linda

    The physio looks perfect for Lambie, and Lambington it will be when he’s grown up…(of course – in a nod to OH – if he turns out to be a runner, Lamb-orgini might be more appropriate)

    Storm just looks like Clark Gable doesn’t he? All serious and handsome?
    And Iacs is a Court Jester.

  2. Rebecca Final

    It definitely should be Lamb-orgini. That’s very funny. Such a tiny little guy and the ‘sweater’ is very stylish and probably works well.

    You will have an absolute shadow if this little guy makes it through. BeAnne will have to adjust. She is such a terrier, isn’t she? Love her though.

  3. Claire and Jon

    Hope little Lambie makes a full recovery… We enjoy reading your blog very much. We are moving up to Shetland from Suffolk next month. We have 4 dogs and LOVE animals

  4. Terri

    Oh, Lambie looks so weak, poor wee laddie. It’s so cute how he answers you (ma-a-a-a-a) when you talk to him in lamb-speak. It’s good you were able to get out with the rest of your “family” for some fresh air for yourself. Care-giving is hard.

  5. Mary H

    Please get strong, Lambie! Less dive bombing, more walking. He’s such a cutie in his fashionable sweater sock.


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