Farrier Visit

This morning, in persisting rain (60mm in one hour) and a fresh breeze (Force 5 gusting 7), we brought all the little ones into the shed for their breakfast, put out haynets and waited for the farrier to arrive.

We were very wet and some of us were very sandy too, having immediately rolled in the school. Gross. I hate wet sand on anything.

Pepper was thrilled, as ever, to see Stephen, who promptly put her on Iacs’ back for a little ride.  Of course, she is a natural.

Everyone behaved themselves and, surprisingly although 11 were booked in to see Stephen, only two needed trimming – Haakon and Iacs – so a cheap visit for us.

A huge thank you to Stephen for not being one of those people who can find something wrong for the sake of the money.

Haakon pulled faces at the Minions who were desperate to be his friend.

And then once finished we all took the Minions over to their new field where there is shelter and old grass, which will hopefully get them through the impending storm(s).  It is going to be disgusting for the next few days.

So the hatches are battened down and the chocolate is ready.  Bring it on.

3 thoughts on “Farrier Visit

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    I’m glad that they all behaved I’m even more glad that not much work needed being done. From my time working around horses I know that a good farrier is worth their weight and gold.

    As ever I enjoyed the lovely photos


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