Fancy Dress at the Weekend

I know I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger about the fancy dress competition at last weekend’s show – the 2018 Serrang Equestrian Inhand Show.

So, at last, and because I have spent the morning in town and the afternoon at home de-cluttering (now my middle name), here are the photos of the Class.

All the entries were fantastic.  This is, I think (I should’ve checked first) a Formula 1 Racing Car.

Efforts had been made and there was pride in this work.

The Queen of Hearts was enchanting.

Farmer and cow? I think so and those patches were sewn on by hand – not an easy task writes someone who spent an hour cursing and swearing while mending a rug.

This is Finding Nemo. I just love the fish costumes.  Brilliant.

The spectators, who had stayed to the end, laughed and none of the horses going around the ring seemed phased at all at what they had to wear or whom/what they had to walk with.

There were some equine spectators who were gob-smacked and probably thanking their lucky stars they were not having to do this.

But everyone behaved beautifully. All credit to their owners/leaders.

Finding Nemo was the winner and rightly so.  I thought it was a brilliant idea.

And I won something at the raffle.  Huzzah!  A good day all round.

7 thoughts on “Fancy Dress at the Weekend

  1. Sam

    Love the costumes! Having just closed “Beauty & The Beast”, I can appreciate the work that went into these non-traditional costumes. Dancing teapots, clocks and dressers are not for the faint of heart. What did you win in the raffle?

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Whaaaat??????? After all the pomp and circumstance, we see all the costumes, but don’t know what you won at the raffle? After I wrote this I noticed that someone else asked the same question and you answered……sort of. Well, what kind of beauty products – give us the scoop. You can’t win something and not be specific. If these dear horses/ponies had to dress up with their owners, you have to tell us exactly what you won. After all, it was a present of sorts.

    Seriously, that all looked like spectacular fun. Don’t think I’ve seen something like that in our area, but I’m going to show it around to all my friends who’ve got horses. We’re missing a lot of fun!!

  3. Cee Pluse

    Now this is the sort of competition I might be enticed to enter with my horse – this looks hilarious and hopefully everyone had fun! I’m thinking the spotted rug wearer is a Dalmatian and the owner is a firefighter. All of the entries deserve prizes – I hope all of the horses and ponies at least got carrots for being such good sports. Thanks for the best laugh of my day!

  4. Nancy

    Cute, CUTE costumes!! I love the creativity!!
    Glad to hear that you won something as well!
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us! =)

  5. Louise Stopford

    That Fancy Dress competition really looked such good fun and like you say, everyone looked to be so well behaved. I personally loved the “Queen of Hearts” but I think they all deserved a prize.


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