Boot Camp

The three little half-brothers are living very happily and getting on fine in their field.

Their training has begun.

Every other day we bring them all into the shed.  We catch Efstur and Hjalti because they are easy and Dreki follows along.

Boot camp has begun!

Things I want the boys to learn :

1.  All to load into the van without a fuss.  I am feeding one in there each time they come inside.

Today it was Efstur’s turn and he loaded like a dream.  Hjalti was two day’s ago and he was a good boy too.

I expect the fun and games to start with Dreki but, if we keep it calm and persevere, we may succeed.  He gets a bucket of feed, so he will hopefully see the point.

2.  Feet – everyone will pick up their feet nicely and without a fight.  Hjalti is such a good boy about this.

3.  Stand quietly tied up. Dreki, are you listening?  No fidgeting.

While Efstur, who has the biggest bucket, was eating, I did some more training.

4.  To lead on both reins like a good boy.

Efstur surfaced once he had finished his grub.

I let him out, all calmly and he was happy and relaxed, which always makes for a good training session.  The boys were watching and learning.

Efstur is turning into such a nice boy too.  I adjusted his headcollar, which was far too big, without any problem.

I am feeling very happy with my little lads.  Five days ago, Dreki didn’t even know how to lead.

Early days. I am not holding my breath.  Life is seldom perfect.

4 thoughts on “Boot Camp

  1. Sam

    When they get snotty (and they will) – whisper to them “Because I love you, you will learn good manners and not be a brat”. Than apply liberal bribery. Worked on my brothers.

  2. Cathy

    Just noticed that you have added BeAnne and her new best friend. She really is the most beautiful little cat, and it looks as if BeAnne agrees. How is the name game progressing?


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