I have always secretly wondered about the cult of Instagram and what difference it would make to my photos.  I assumed it would only work on my iPhone and am pathetic at taking good photos with that particular camera.  My hands suffer from wobble.  For those that are not in the know, Instagram is a series of pre-set filters to make modern photos look all oldie-woldie.

With a bit of an internet search, I discovered a way round the iPhone dilemma and here are some of my results.

Enjoy.   I quite liked this experiment.  Anyway, if it is good enough for Anna Wintour’s  (Vogue Editor) son’s wedding, then it is good enough for me to think about.  I am not going to resort to this every day.

BN2A4316 BN2A4317 BN2A4318 BN2A4324 BN2A4335 BN2A4341  BN2A4355 BN2A4364 BN2A4374

(My 2nd favourite picture)


and my favourite.


7 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. Joanie

    So great to see both of your girls are home! Beautiful picture! (all of them, but the girls especially)

  2. Deb Twomey

    Just lovely. I think you could take breathtaking pictures with an old Brownie camera. Are you familiar with those? Such clever little boxes for children to learn on. Not to mention the gorgeous creatures, both four and two legged and the backdrop.

  3. Mandy

    Personally, I prefer your “normal” pictures, but it’s good to experiment, and the subject-matter is as stunning as usual!


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