Klængur and Cars

I have started Klængur, my Icelandic gelding from Iceland, all over again.  I am treating him as if he has never been backed so that he can forget everything he plays in his head and work from a blank script to turn him into the horse I want and trust.

It is all going well and we are developing a good bond.


He is definitely one of the boys and is relaxed in the herd, who were mooching about outside the house after lunch waiting to be ridden.


My OH arrived back from a morning’s shopping in Lerwick.  Obviously Iacs offered to help.


In fact everyone offered to help.  I was keen to let Klængur investigate the car as these are not his favourite thing, especially going along past him on the road.   Because Taktur was happy nosing about inside, Klængur copied him.

BN2A4188 BN2A4190

Klængur is fine on the ground, he genuinely likes people and wants to do good but he is a huge worrier.


More helping and I let him take his time.


He remained relaxed and happy.  No one was scared so there was no point in him being scared either.


After removing my stallion from the house, as we often do, Daisy and I decided to go for a ride.  She rode Taktur and I rode Klængur.


We went on a calm relaxed walk/tölt, not very far but concentrated on calmness at all costs.  Two cars went past.  I tried very hard not to hold my breath, and Klængur just waited, as if he was used to this kind of thing, as they overtook.  This is definitely progress for Klængur.


While we were away, I left BeAnne in charge.


Her job was to keep the marauders at bay.


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