Our Shetland Garden

I have a wonderful new addition to my garden – a raised bed to grow herbs.

Laureen, who is a “WWOOFer” (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) from Northern France (visiting Shetland for a month and working at Transition Turriefield) offered to build me my raised bed and so she did, last weekend!  I love it.


It has been beautifully planted out with a selection  of herbs and I can sit, gin and tonic in one hand, on the seated-edge arrangement, gently weeding without killing my back.  Before my back and I parted company, I was a keen vegetable gardener and I love cooking with fresh herbs.


Meanwhile, I am still pottering about taking photographs of our Shetland garden.


(and playing with Instagram – sorry to those who prefer me not to).

L1100063L1100069 L1100037

This is what our garden mostly looks like, with the sea in the background.


The reason we no longer have a vegetable garden is that a few years’ back, my OH diligently planted out the usual seeds to see absolutely nothing appear except one deformed tattie (potato) and with that he gave up.  I don’t blame him.  It was very depressing, expensive and huge waste of effort.  So now we just have flowers and now my new-to-me raised bed with herbs in it.  I shall particularly enjoy the gin and tonic, which I feel is mandatory to this gardening thing.


And a horse, if you are still interested.  Taktur today.  He was beyond brilliant and everyone was thrilled with him.

For a five year old stallion, he can only get even better.


7 thoughts on “Our Shetland Garden

  1. Barbara Lubeck

    Your posts are such a highlight to my day. I had a farm years ago and miss it beyond words. You are an inspiration! Love your newest experiment with photos! Be well and regards, Barbara (Neversink, NY, USA)

  2. John Davies

    That’s a very nice raised garden bed; I’d like to have something similar but I’m making do with plastic pots on the patio!

  3. robin

    Taktur looks absolutely stunning! And so does the new garden. What are the orange and yellow flowers called?

  4. Mandy

    Robin, they’re red hot pokers! (Kniphofia)
    Love the raised bed Frances, and the G&T is a great idea!


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